Astro (formerly Astro Raph, Yacob, born Jacob Shier) began producing and DJing in 1993 in Fairfeld, Iowa. Astro moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 1996. He DJ’d raves, night clubs and house parties in Boulder and Denver. Astro appeared on a compilation in 1998, Freakie People presents “Awake In The Lap Of A Dream” (going under the name ‘Yacob’). While in Boulder he also did a weekly 3 hour show on Amino internet radio, which later became Gogaga. While in Boulder, Astro had the opportunity to open for Ambient DJ Mix Master Morris (aka The Irresistible Force).

In 2001 Astro moved back to Fairfeld, taught electronic music production, DJ’d many events and threw parties. He also DJ’d clubs in Iowa City.

In 2005 Astro moved to Hawaii and hooked up with local DJ crew ‘ChillTown Maui’. In 2007 Astro got signed to Black Bridge Records appearing on a compilation with Bassnectar titled “Natural Selection”. He did two more releases with them before getting signed with Cold Busted Records, his first release being a remix of Gramatik’s “Tearin’ It Up”. He held down several residencies while on Maui, some for 3-5 years, including Saturday nights at Spats (along with DJBlast now in New York City), Friday Nights at Ambrosia Martini Lounge and Wednesday nights at South Shore Tiki Lounge with DJ Decka as ‘ThE A.d.D. tWinS”. He also had the chance to open for DJ Cheb I Sabah and for DJ Daniel J. 2011 saw Astro voted best DJ of the year in island newspaper ‘Maui Times Weekly’.

In August 2012 Astro moved to LA, to work with his brother, Aaron Shier (Futr3, Les Boyz Electro, HU$H). Astro also started a few groups with his new friend Andrey Surkov in L.A., those being; ‘Master Bassers’ (now obsolete), ‘Sour Blues’ (now signed with ColdBusted) and ‘Business Hours’ (now signed with Electric Dangerous Music). 2014 saw Astro Raph getting signed to Gravitas Records with a release in April of 2014 titled “Eternal Spirit”. It includes collaborations with Audio Diplomats (Andrey Surkov) and Keen Klaws, and features remixes by Wolf-e-Wolf and Soulular.

Astro Raph’s single ‘We Believe’ was released on Cold Busted’s Bust Free Compilation in July of 2013 and made it to beatports chillout charts remaining there until the beginning of November, peeking at number 16 for about two weeks. Other songs of Astro Raph’s that have charted in the past and made it to the teens of beatports charts include ‘2 People’, ‘Krystian Shek – Wet Dreams (Astro Raph Remix)’ and ‘Golden Spindle’.

In 2016 Astro signed a release with another label focused on ambient and electronica with chill-trap influences, Cyborg Recordings, based out of Santa Cruz.

In 2016 Astro began his college education in Music Theory and at the end of 2017 he moved to Chicago where he interned at Maek Records for 6 months and DJ’d with Proper Chicago Drum and Bass Crew. Astro is currently in Full Sail University getting a degree in Music Production.